personalised handymitts apron

Unique Novelty Aprons with Retractable Oven Gloves

Invented by the Cooks Friend Company
Using the Patented Retract-o-matic system
Simple, Safe, Easy to Use and Extremely Practical
UK Manufactured - Machine Washable

A Revolutionary Novelty idea that really works

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What are HandyMitts®

HandyMitts are retractable oven gloves that bring novelty and practicality to the age-old problem of not being able to find an oven glove when the hot dish is ready to be handled. Using the patented Retract-o-Matic system, two oven gloves are permanently attached to the cooks apron and always ready for use. Keith Steptoe, director of The Cooks Friend Company, is the inventor of HandyMitts and holds the patent. Handy Mitts are manufactured in the UK under licence.

The Retract-o-Matic® System

The Retract-o-Matic system is a small cylinder containing a retractable cord and fits into a hidden pocket in the apron. It is constructed in metal and extremely hard wearing. The cord is attached to the oven glove by a quick release clip. When using the oven glove the cord moves effortlessly in and out as you move your hands. When you remove your hand from the oven glove the cord retracts pulling the glove to your side.


All our products are manufactured in the UK from the best quality materials. They have been extensively tested over the past two years in the kitchen, at the BBQ and in the field kitchen.


All our oven mitts conform to the BS 6526:1984 British Standard Specifications for Domestic Oven Gloves.

Washing Instructions

To wash your Handy Mitts and apron, simply remove the Retract-o-Matic mechanism from its special pocket, unclip the oven mitt and follow the washing instructions on the label. All our products are machine washable.

Replacement Oven Mitts

Replacements of the specially designed oven mitts can be purchased singularly or in pairs.

Live Demonstration
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Retract-o-matic pocket
Retract-o-matic Pocket

Oven Glove Clip
Oven Glove Clip