Getting your Own Logo/Image Embroidered or Printed.

Your own Logos and Images can be converted into embroidery. But we must digitise them first to produce a stitch program for the embroidery machine. This is a skilled job and it is easy to produce bad stitch patterns. All our stitch programs are professionally done and produce a quality final product.

Digitisation is a one-off cost and we offer a flat rate charge of £12.95 for this service.

Cost of Embroidery depends the number of stitches only. Therefore, the larger, more complex the designs the higher the cost.

Cost of Printing depends on volume and garment colour, not image size or number of colours. There is no set-up cost with printing.

Mock-ups: We always send a mock-up of your Logo/Image on the chosen garment.

We can offer substantial discounts on large orders (20+)

Get a Quote for Embroidering or Printing your Own Logo/Image:

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Please note: We cannot embroider photographs

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